WorkKeys Reading for Information Test. The Reading for Information assessment measures the skill people use when read and use written text in order to do a job. The written texts include memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies, and regulations. This test does not include information that is presented graphically. Reading Test 2 At High School Test Prep we feature free practice tests for the ACT, SAT, and AP tests. All of these practice tests are organized by subject, so you can focus on the specific areas in which you are trying to improve.

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    A ball is thrown in the air from the top of a building. its height in meters above ground

    I’m saying this as a middle school teacher—maybe it’s more meaningful for elementary—but the STAR test has a somewhat limited conception of what reading comprehension entails. For the majority of students it seems fairly accurate, but I’ve noticed a decent minority (at least 10% or so) who test a couple of grade levels lower than the ...

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    V Early Reading Level A • Case 1 Background Student: Luke Age: 6 .8 Grade: 1 Focus: Phonemic Awareness Scenario Phonemic awareness is the ability to identify the sounds that make up words .

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