Forest biological diversity refers to all life forms found within forested areas and the ecological roles they perform. It encompasses not just trees, but the multitude of plants, animals and microorganisms that inhabit forest areas - and their associated genetic diversity.

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    PCTtv takes you on a tour of Paulding County's WMA and all the things you can do and see there!

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    May 02, 2012 · Introduction. The Eustrophinae, like many groups within Tenebrionoidea, have not had a stable family-level placement until fairly recently.Various authors have commented on the taxonomic history of the group (e.g. Lawrence 1991; Young and Pollock 2002; Pollock 2008; Lawrence and Leschen 2010); however, the recent placement of eustrophines within an enlarged Tetratomidae (as proposed by ... activities in the Paulding Forest Wildlife Management Area, through which Bluffy Creek flows. Petitioners aver that construction of the expansion will increase erosion, sedimentation, and turbidity in Bluffy Creek. They allege that the expansion will harm their recreational and aesthetic

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