CVT Transmission slipping? Jump to Latest Follow. If you get the transmission fluid changed, make sure you only use Nissan NS-2 CVT fluid.$6,800 they billed Nissan for doing the rebuild (includes parts they had to break to get off to remove the transmission) - what a waste. Nearly half the value of the vehicle. I've left a message for the service manager quoting the flowchart in TSB NTB15-015 and asking why it isn't being replaced and why it wasn't replaced the first time.

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    Apr 23, 2020 · Before we get into talking about some of the specific Nissan CVT transmission problems that are out there, you need to know exactly what a continuously variable transmission, or CVT, is. Sometimes called a shiftless transmission or a pulley transmission, a CVT is a type of automatic transmission that utilizes variable-width pulleys and a ...

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    Sep 08, 2017 · A YouTube search turns up dozens of owner videos of Nissan CVT transmissions whining, revving high, and even losing power. The CVT (used by several other automakers as well) is smoother and gets ...

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