If the gear on the bottom of the distriubutor has been removed, it has a mark and can be put 180 degrees out. Install the destributor with the rotor bug pointer exactly where # 1 is on the cap. This will put the engine back in time, there are no adjustments. If you get it back only 1 tooth off, there will we a check engine light.

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    Position the distributor cap leading coil terminal (marked "l") toward the front of the car and about 10 degrees to the driver's left. Align the leading dis-tributor rotor blade (lower) so that it points directly at the #1 leading terminal. Gently proceed to install the distributor into the front cover.

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    To help see the rotor tip you may want to mark it with white correction fluid. With your modified cap installed, connect the timing light’s inductive lead to the corresponding plug wire. Start the engine and run at a steady speed. Shine the timing light in the modified cap and note the relation of the rotor tip and the terminal when the spark jumps.

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