Wave 008.5 vol.1 TOSHIBA INFORMATION SYSTEMS(JAPAN)CORPORATION 特集 エンベデッドソリューション2008 組込み分野でにわかに 関心高まるCORBA CORBA(Common Object Request Broker Architecture)は、オブジェクト 指向の標準化団体であるOMG(Object Management Group)が定めた分散オブ

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    Allergen reaction levels in ppm - posted in Allergen Management: Allergen: I'm an SQF Practitioner in the middle of validating our Allergen Control and Cleaning and Sanitation pre-requisites for a dry mix manufacturer. Due to our dry manufacturing environment and dry finished product (well below aw<0.80) we are primarilly a "dry clean" facility.

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